Friday, May 1, 2009

My first Reiki treatment

This morning started out badly. I woke up at around four, and not wanting to wake Marty, went to lie down and read on the daybed in the office (eventually I fell back to sleep). Marty woke up at seven, surprised that I had moved, and assured me (not for the first time), that it was fine for me to turn on the light if I couldn't sleep and that it wouldn't wake him. So I will try that next time--he has so much trouble falling asleep that I want to make sure he gets as much sleep as possible.

I was feeling extremely weak and shaky, and emotionally distraught. Marty helped me back to bed--I read the papers for awhile and he made my breakfast. There were still two biscuits that he had bought in KFC the other day. Yesterday I suggested he try twenty seconds in the microwave, which didn't get them hot enough, so today he tried forty seconds, which got them nice and hot so the butter melted well, and they didn't have that funny aftertaste. I really enjoyed them even though they are not nearly the biscuits of my craving.

I told Marty how bad I was feeling emotionally, and that I hated putting him through all this, and he reassured me and said he needed me, and if this was the condition I was in, that was just the way it is. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Ann arrived and started putting things away in the kitchen and did a load of laundry. I was waiting for Kathy, who said that the Reiki practitioner would be coming the first time while Kathy was there. Once Kathy finished checking me out, she hadn't yet arrived, so she called her and helped her find my house (she had the wrong house number). Her name is Angela and she told me that the treatment was designed to mobilize energy, and that she would say very little but that I could talk if I wanted to. She sat next to the bed and very gently put her hands on my knees, and then, after awhile, on different points on my legs, and at times not quite touching me. Like acupuncture, it had a very calming effect. I'm not sure how long she was here--probably somewhere between half an hour and an hour, but I could be wrong. She said she could give me another treatment next Friday, and I told her I would like that a lot.

Once she left I felt calm and relaxed, and also had a lot more strength. I asked Ann if she wanted to help me cook the potato, ham, and cheese casserole that I like so much, and we spent some time doing that, with me seated and doing things like peeling and slicing potatoes and onions, and grating the cheese, while she did the stuff that involved standing and lifting. It's in the oven now and I'm looking forward to having some soon. I find it quite amazing that I went from the way I was feeling this morning (when I needed to have Marty help me get back from the bathroom to bed) to being able to do this cooking.

I hope that with all three of these alternative treatments (acupuncture on Wednesday, massage on Thursday, and Reiki on Friday) that I will be able to feel more energy and be able to recapture some of the ability to enjoy the little things of life that I just haven't been able to do for awhile. Having Florence here will be good, too.

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