Sunday, May 3, 2009

Getting out of the house

I can't even remember the last time we were out, but this afternoon Florence, Marty, and I went to Changsho, a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Cambridge, for their Sunday brunch. I'm continuing to feel better, still getting tired after every little exertion, but with good spirits.

Florence arrived with Julie and Jim yesterday in the early afternoon and we sat and talked and just enjoyed being with each other. I wanted to take a shower, but was having trouble getting up enough energy, and didn't finally do it until well into the evening (as usual, when I seem to get an energy spurt). But until then we just hung out together. Marty was visiting his friend Donna and was gone pretty much all day, but I was alone for only an hour or two, so that worked out all right.

When I got hungry, Florence helped me to heat up a portion of my potato casserole, to which I added some frozen green beans. It made her laugh while I was eating it, because with every bite I kept saying, "This is soooooooo good!" I had asked Julie and Jim to bring me a slice of the fabulous lemon pound cake from Rein's, and later I ate that too (Florence had a taste and agreed that it was something that sounded like it would be ordinary but was really spectacular--she said because it was intensely lemony instead of just somewhat lemon flavored).

She decided she did want to sleep down here as she wants to avoid using the stairs as much as possible (her knee is still not right from the last time she was here). She does not want the cats in the room and they seem to know it--they will try to sneak in but when she tells them to get out they leave (and come to cuddle with me and Marty). Like many of the doors in this house, the door to that room does not latch well unless you really make an effort, and unless it's latched tightly the cats can get it open.

It's a cool, overcast day, but the trees are beginning to leaf out and flowers are starting to bloom, and it all looked so beautiful. When I first went into the hospice program, I remember saying that I wanted to live long enough to see spring, which certainly has happened. Julie and the kids have been working in the garden and lots of things are blooming. Last year they planted several clematis vines along the fence by our outdoor table. I wasn't sure last fall if they would survive--they looked a bit questionable, but now they are leafing out beautifully and have buds, and I'm hoping that soon the fence will be covered with flowers. We also have an archway covered with tiny climbing roses which should be in bloom next month. And Julie said she's planted lots of irises, which are my favorite flower.

I seem to be able to get a better focus on the good things ever since the Reiki treatment on Friday, which is very important for my overall well being. Finding the things to value and savor--whether it's good food, cuddling with the cats, enjoying the flowers, or, most important of all, the love of Marty and my family--is what I need right now.


  1. Judi, I'm always happy when I read your blog and you report feeling better. I actually said "Yay!" when I read the latest entry.

    I want some lemon pound cake too!

  2. Sounds like you had a Purrfect Day !!!

  3. It sounds like a lovely day. Enjoy the Spring, it's a wonderful time of the year.

    Does your insurance covert the costs of your Reiki and Massage and Acupuncture treatments? I don't think mine will.

  4. Webster--
    The Reiki person works for hospice, so that is covered. The others I pay privately.