Monday, May 25, 2009

Another day, a better day

Although I'm tired and weak, I am feeling so much better than yesterday! I slept through the night (including sleeping through an episode where Marty's C-pap machine tipped over on him and the water poured onto his head), and woke up feeling hungry for breakfast and not queasy. I had tea, a hard boiled egg, and a biscuit (still on the quest for the perfect biscuit), and was just finishing eating when Laurel arrived. She hadn't met Marty, so they introduced themselves and Marty got ready to go out to help his friend Donna with some problems.

Two people had promised to visit today. In the morning, Judene, who I used to work with at the National Empowerment Center ( came and we had a good talk. I was feeling strong enough to sit in the living room in my wonderful chair, but I'm getting so weak that by the time I was settled in the chair I was exhausted and it took me awhile to recover. But since everyone was saying what a beautiful day it was, eventually we moved onto the porch (the chair folds and they brought it out there for me). It was a little chilly and I needed a light blanket, but it was lovely to sit in the sunshine with my flowers around me.

After lunch (more of my pea soup, which Laurel enjoyed as well), we read and talked until my other visitor, Betty, arrived, and I moved back onto the porch. It had gotten just a bit warmer and was really lovely. For many years, I used to guest lecture at Betty's class at Bridgewater State College, and then lost track of her, so it was a nice surprise when she got in touch with the Globe writer after reading her story about me, asking if she could pass on her e-mail address. Betty asked me if I was up for writing an article about women and mental health, which I don't have the strength for, but I suggested instead that we could do a question and answer format, and we agreed to start working up some questions via e-mail.

I'm back in bed now, tired (maybe even ready to take a nap). I expect Marty back soon, and I may be up for some real food for dinner, so he's going to make a stop at Whole Foods and see what they have on their prepared food bar.

I really have to learn how to roll with these setbacks--I was so scared yesterday that things were just not going to get any better, which of course only increases the difficulty and panic.

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