Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last night, on our way back from the restaurant, we had Kyle and Vivian in the car. Marty had to make a stop at his house to pick up some clothes, and while we were waiting I asked the kids if they had memories of me before I was sick. I said that I thought Vivian didn't (she's only seven, and I've been declining now for well over two years), but I was sure that Kyle would (he's twelve), and he did. He started by saying that I used to travel a lot, and then I asked about some trips we took together, and we started reminiscing about that. Viv did have some partial, confused memories of those two trips, when I took all three kids overnight to New York City. We stayed in a hotel, got to play in the pool, and saw a children's theater company, the Paper Bag Players (who have been around so long that I actually took Julie to see them when she was a little girl). On the second trip, we stayed in a very fancy hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut that had an amazing lobby with an indoor forest, a stream crossed by little bridges, and (most memorable to the kids), a player piano that played by itself! Kyle was enjoying these memories, and Viv kept chiming in with little fragments (I'm not sure whether she actually remembered or just wanted to be in the conversation).

Meanwhile, the other day, Evelyn, who's fourteen and very handy with crafty things (as is Julie) made a vest for my stuffed bear, Pinkypine, which is adorable. A couple of months ago I made a dress for his companion-bear, Bo-Bo, but a vest is totally beyond my sewing ability (although I did do the hemming and finishing once Evelyn figured out the pattern and cut it out and put it together). Julie says that Evelyn has become a typical moody teenager, although I haven't seen that much of that part of her.

Today we are going to the Boston Common to see Evelyn and Kyle perform in a Morris dancing group. This is an old English form of dancing which is quite intricate and fun to watch. Julie had suggested we go by T (Bostonian for subway) but I am nervous about accessibility, since I'll be in my scooter (the T station near here is fully accessible, but Park Street, where we have to get off, is the oldest station in the system, and, I believe, in the United States, and the elevator is very iffy, from what I've heard). So we're going by car and Marty is hoping we can find a handicapped parking spot. Meanwhile, we have to keep an eye on the weather, as it is looking like rain--the forecast was for rain overnight, stopping by morning, but since it hasn't started yet...

I'm still feeling good and strong after the Reiki treatment.

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  1. I hope the day turns out as wonderful as the love in your heart.
    It is great to hear that you had such a good conversation with the grandkids. It will help cement those memories in their hearts as well as their minds.