Saturday, May 9, 2009

A comedy of errors

We left to drive into Boston a little after eleven. It was cloudy, but there were signs of the sun breaking through and we were hopeful the rain would hold off. Marty had brought the scooter battery in to charge at my suggestion, and I was sure I had thought of everything I needed. In order to go out, I need my small portable oxygen machine, which hangs from a shoulder strap, and I carry a small pouch with my essential medicines and other small odds and ends (credit card, cash, etc.). I had been carrying my big purse as well, but kept being asked (by Marty, Florence, and Julie) if I really needed it as it certainly is heavy, so I've been trying to take out of it just the things I need.

We drove downtown (the others had gone by T) and amazingly found a legal parking place right alongside the Common. Marty went to get the scooter out of the trunk when I suddenly realized that the keys to the scooter my purse! Also, it was just starting to drizzle, and the scooter is supposed to be kept dry as much as possible. Marty went to ask someone how close the Frog Pond was to where we were parked; it was quite close and we decided to see if we could walk it. But after only a few steps I became extremely short of breath and we had to go back to the car.

We could also see a carousel nearby, and I told Marty that I would love to ride it (not necessarily that one, any carousel will do). I have a feeling Marty will make that happen. We started to head home and Marty asked if I wanted to stop somewhere for lunch, so we went to a nice little Greek restaurant in North Cambridge where I had lamb souvlaki wrapped in a pita and Marty had grilled chicken cooked on a skewer. I'll probably just need a light snack for dinner (Marty will be out at a dinner for one of his organizations).

I feel so frustrated that I didn't get to see the kids dancing, just because of not thinking things through. We're going to take the two scooter keys and put one in the little pouch I always carry when I go out, and Marty will put the other on his key chain.

Tomorrow starts with our Mothers' Day breakfast in bed, and then Julie wants to go out for dim sum for lunch. In the evening, my friends Laurie (who works for Mental Disability Rights International) and Peter (a radical psychiatrist from New York) are coming to visit. It sounds like it will be a nice day (I hope there's nothing I can screw up).

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  1. Oh lucky you: Shu mai, ha gow, lo bak ko, hom bow... Yummers. Enjoy!!
    Happy Mother's Day.