Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reiki definitely equals sleepy!

I was hoping that Angela didn't forget our rescheduled Reiki appointment, but she arrived right on time at noon. Kathy had promised to be here by eleven thirty, but had not yet arrived (she often runs a little late), so we waited until she arrived, checked me out, and ordered some meds that were running low.

Until then, it had been an easy day. Judy came so that Marty could go out and bring his computer (which has been acting up, and making him very nervous) to a repair shop--she is good company, and likes to hang out and chat, but also is very efficient at getting anything done that I need.

As soon as Kathy left, I took one of my soft pillows with me and lay on the daybed in the office, with my little blanket over me. I closed my eyes and immediately felt a sense of total relaxation, while Angela put her hands on my head, my neck, and various other parts of my body, and I felt myself slipping into a dreamy state. When she said quietly that she was done, I rolled onto my side and easily fell asleep. We didn't make arrangements for her next visit so I'll have to call hospice to set that up (I'm not going to be here on Friday). I don't know how long I would have slept but the phone woke me; it was the secretary at Dr. Meyer's office (my primary care doctor) with a somewhat confusing message about an Arlington-based hospice program that had seen the Globe article and wanted to take over my care at no charge. She said that Dr. Meyer would be in on Wednesday and she would discuss it with her and call me. I really don't want to change practitioners at this point but this of course needs to be thoroughly checked out. I think after the call I drifted off to sleep for a bit, but woke up because I was hungry.

I went back to bed and Judy brought me some pea soup and half a chicken salad sandwich. My appetite is definitely improving and I don't feel queasy. I think after a bit I fell asleep again, because the next time I woke up Judy had gone and Susan was here. I called Marty to see where he was and when he might be back and he said he was at his house sorting through some things and would be back soon, but when it was time for Susan to leave I said I'd be fine being alone for a little while and he arrived not too long after he left.

I fell asleep again in the evening, so didn't have dinner until pretty late (the second half of the stuff that Marty bought in Whole Foods the other day--roast lamb, asparagus, and roasted potatoes). I was in a bad mood, feeling incredibly frustrated about being so weak and unable to do things for myself. We didn't go to sleep till pretty late (around midnight, I think), and I woke up a little after five, but considering that I slept most of the day yesterday, that's certainly enough sleep.

Now it's almost seven and I'm waiting for Marty go wake up so I can have some breakfast, but I will try to be quiet (I need to find something to read), because he certainly needs his sleep.

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