Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An opening in the space-time continuum?

Last night when Marty went to give Oliver his medication, he couldn't find him anywhere. He got worried that somehow Oliver had managed to get out again--the house cleaners had been here, and I had had a visitor, so we were afraid we hadn't been careful about reminding people about the doors. I was working hard on not getting upset all over again, and went to sleep trying not to think about it. In the morning, Marty went into the kitchen to feed the cats, and Oliver was standing there! Later on, we couldn't find Gilbert; also, Marty is missing the pens and magnifier he always keeps in his shirt pocket, and there is a delivery of medications that is missing. One or both cats are usually on the bed with me, but I've hardly seen them all day. The whole thing is giving me an eerie feeling.

Kathy had phoned in an order for my amitriptaline and prednisone on Friday. The pharmacy usually delivers in the evening, but we were out to dinner. I didn't think anything about it (they often redeliver if they can't make the delivery the first time), so today I mentioned to Kathy that I hadn't received the delivery, but when she called the pharmacy they said someone had signed for it. Evelyn now says that she brought it down here and asked me where to put it and I said to leave it in the kitchen, but I have no memory of it. I just called hospice--they are going to call the pharmacy to see if they can figure out whose signature is on the slip.

Yesterday I had a nice visit with Steve, who runs a legal advocacy program for people with disabilities. I was sitting in the living room on my wonderful new chair, which is just as comfortable as I thought it would be when I saw the picture. It supports every part of my body, and the more I sat in it the less tired I felt, as I didn't have to use any energy holding myself up. Marty has some ideas about how to rearrange things so that I can do more things sitting in it. Because my bed is so enormous, there really isn't room for it in the bedroom, but possibly we could rearrange things in the office/guestroom. There's no TV in there, but we could move one or buy another one.

Another exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I got a call from Bernie, the director of the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, who said they wanted to give me a special lifetime achievement award at a gala on June 3rd, which would include $3,000 toward a scholarship fund for my grandchildren! He said the whole family was invited, and he would send a limousine to pick us up (it will be held at a hotel in the Seaport District in downtown Boston)--I told him the limo ride would probably be the best thing as far as the kids were concerned. Julie said that when she told the kids about it, Kyle said he would even wear a tie!

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  1. This is lovely Judi - both the chair and the well deserved award - Congratulations!!!

    Jan W from England