Saturday, May 2, 2009

Symptoms and emotions

This morning I have been doing a lot of coughing, which makes me very tired and gets my heart pounding. It's a productive cough, bringing up lots of gunk, which is at least better than the dry, hacking cough that I haven't had for awhile. I took my morning dose of cough medicine and I think the coughing has finally stopped. I think I will talk to Kathy about a "Plan B" for these sustained coughing attacks, maybe another dose of cough medicine or some straight codeine, or maybe something else--I'll see what ideas she comes up with.

The important thing is that my spirits are still good. I got a pretty good night's sleep--I woke up a few times, but each time got back to sleep pretty quickly, and I was glad to see that Marty was soundly asleep (the first time I woke up I switched off the TV, which sometimes wakes him up, but this time it didn't). That's the best night's sleep he's had in awhile, and he needs it.

Marty brought be a great surprise yesterday--he stopped at the Popeye's in Kenmore Square (amazingly, finding a place to park) and got biscuits. As I suspected, they are better than KFC's, although still not quite the flaky ideal. I had one last night, two this morning for breakfast, and still have a few more. It is just one more example of how good he is to me.

Julie called an hour or so ago, to report that they had left Florence's house at six A.M. and were already at Rein's Deli (our usual stopping place near Hartford), where they were having breakfast. Once they get back on the road it's about another hour and a half.

I've managed to hang on to the good spirits of yesterday, even through the worst of the coughing this morning. I feel tired, but still upbeat. And things will surely get better once Florence arrives.

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  1. Thanks for becoming a follower, Judi. It's so sweet that marty hunted up some "better" biscuits for you. Hope your day goes well.