Friday, May 8, 2009

My second Reiki treatment

I had a rough morning, finding it hard to breathe and feeling totally exhausted (all the anxiety over Oliver's disappearance I'm sure contributed). Kathy came to see me and encouraged me to do a nebulizer treatment (which I hate to do, for some reason), but after she left I gave myself a treatment and it seemed to help. I was looking forward to Angela's coming for my Reiki treatment, very curious to see if it would have as dramatic results as the first one.

When she arrived, Marty asked if he could sit and watch and she said that would be fine. I lay on the daybed in the office/guestroom (the room that Florence has been using), which she said would give her more room to work. She touched different places than last time, including my arms and head, as well as my legs, and once again I found myself slipping into a dreamy, relaxed state. When I got up and walked out of the room, Florence said I looked like a totally different person! I felt so much stronger and, once again, amazed at how this simple procedure could have such dramatic results. Angela said that she thinks the results will be cumulative, and she will come again next Friday.

I had my lunch sitting out on my porch. There was a lovely breeze and the flowers are blooming, and it felt so good after the awfulness of last night and this morning.

I've also had several phone conversations with Kay, the Globe reporter. According to the United Health Care representative she spoke with, they never received a doctor's authorization for me to receive hospice care. I knew this was wrong, but I told her I would call Dr. Meyer's office to confirm this, and the person who answered the phone laughed when I told her what I had been told, saying (her actual words) "that's a crock." She told me she had spent a lot of time with United Health Care over the past few weeks, providing them with documentation, but that she would follow up again. So I guess the whole thing is going to get blamed on a paperwork mix-up.

As the afternoon went on I decided I wanted to go out. Julie said they were planning to go out for dinner, and I wanted to go buy a light summer dress (I've gained so much weight from steroids and inactivity that I can't fit into any of my clothes). So Marty and I went out first and I found a comfortable black dress, and then we met Julie, Jim, the kids, and Florence at a local restaurant with a varied menu and an enormous beer selection. Staying with my biscuit fixation, I had southern fried chicken and biscuits; Marty asked the waiter for some extra biscuits to take home, which we didn't even get charged for. They are definitely the best biscuits I've had so far.

Julie just came downstairs and announced how we will be celebrating Mothers' Day--I have to get all the junk cleared off my enormous bed, and then she, Florence, and I will lie in in and get served breakfast in bed by Jim and the kids! That sounds like fun!


  1. Hi Judi, its Jan from Uk. Your planned Mothers Day sounds fun! We had ours last month in England and my daughter invited me over for dinner in Oxford where she's now living.

    I am SO glad Oliver turned up again, the naughty cat!

    Most of all I am pleased that Reiki is being so great for you. I learned to do Reiki a good few years ago and loved it, though haven't used it for a while now.

    I reckon you are going to 'fettle' (Yorkshire word) that Insurance Company! Go for it girl! They shouldn't try to take on Judi Chamberlin of all people!



  2. Hm, if it is as relaxing as you said it would be, I might try Reiki myself. I have been intrigued by some talks of my colleagues about this massage treatment. Actually, a friend who has insomnia claims to have been sleeping better after his consistent reiki sessions. I'm hoping this procedure will relieve my frequent headaches. Anyway, are you still meeting with Angela for your Reiki treatment?
    Gregg Mulherin