Sunday, May 24, 2009

A rough ride

I spent most of Saturday sleeping, and then slept all night, waking up about five feeling really awful. I was very queasy--I hadn't eaten anything since lunch, and the thought of food just made me feel worse. Since I need to have something in my stomach to take most of my meds, this turns into a real dilemma. I called hospice and the nurse on call suggested that I try drinking a little tea and some plain toast (I actually had matzo) and when that stayed down I was able to take my meds and started feeling better. Until then, I was being a real bitch, carrying on but then apologizing for being so hard on everyone. Both Julie and Marty were great, letting me know that I should just let it out and they definitely weren't holding it against me. Florence called in the middle of it all, and said how much she wished she could help.

Angela, my Reiki therapist, was supposed to come at noon Friday and I was really looking forward to the treatment. When she hadn't arrived by one I called hospice--they tracked her down, and she called to say that she'd forgotten, which was disappointing, but she is coming on Tuesday instead.

We seem to have the PCA situation under control--Laurel, the woman I met on Friday, will be coming most mornings, Susan in the afternoons once school is out, Ann has mainly Fridays available, and we now have another person, Judy (with a "Y"), who is very flexible about hours and is here now. She arrived just as I was starting to feel better, and got fresh sheets on the beds and cleaned up the mounds of tissues which had accumulated everywhere. Marty is making pea soup (under my direction) as I think it is something that will actually stay down at a point when most foods I think of don't sound appetizing at all.

I can't believe how much I slept. Marty tried to wake me when he was ready to go to sleep, as I didn't have the bi-pap machine on (I'm supposed to sleep with it on to make sure I get enough oxygen), but he couldn't. I woke him around one to help me put it on (I call it my "elephant" because of the long trunk) and immediately went back to sleep.

So now it's mid-afternoon and maybe the rest of the day can get back to something of a normal schedule.


  1. Sometimes a little cream of wheat stays down well for taking meds; apple sauce, mashed potatoes. . Sometimes your head will tell you what your stomach will take if you just THINK of these.A maria biscuit sometimes works too or a dry cracker.

  2. What a lovely blog, Judi! I enjoyed spending some time with you today.