Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does Reiki equal sleepy?

It seems like I've done almost nothing but sleep since I had the Reiki treatment on Friday afternoon. I woke up pretty early this morning, went back to sleep, and slept again after breakfast till a little while ago. I don't mind sleeping this much, since when I'm awake I've been too focused on feeling unhappy and helpless.

The Sunday papers are here so I've been reading them a little, and Marty and I have made one stab at the Times puzzle, not getting too far on our first attempt, although I'm sure we'll go back to it later. It's a cool, grey day that looks like it's going to rain, so there's no point in trying to sit outside.

I am very weak and any little venture out of bed is exhausting. I guess I should just listen to my body, lie here and enjoy the lovely cool breeze that feels good as long as I stay under the covers, and eventually drift off again.

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  1. Hi Judy,

    This is Mary from Ireland. You have been an outstanding inspiration to psychiatric survivors worldwide. We wish you peace, solidarity, love and blessings as you continue with self determination, strength and courage. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love and support,