Monday, May 11, 2009

Peter brings us a real New York gift!

Marty and I, despite our many years in Boston, still consider ourselves transplanted New Yorkers, especially when it comes to food. We can spend hours talking about New York pizza, New York cheesecake, New York Danish pastry, etc., etc., some of which have inferior Boston counterparts, and others of which are simply unavailable. So when Peter arrived yesterday with a big bag of stuff that he had bought in Manhattan's famous smoked fish emporium, Russ and Daughters, I knew Marty would be thrilled. I called him (he was at his house getting some things together and was just about to leave for my house) and told him that Peter, whom he had never met, had brought some things which were going to make him very happy, which made him very curious. As soon as he arrived, Peter started unpacking, starting with the largest whitefish I've ever seen, which he proceeded to fillet with a pocket knife. He also had bagels, bialys, two kinds of lox, cream cheese, whitefish salad, and for dessert, chocolate covered grahams (a particular favorite of mine), and chocolate covered pretzels (which Marty is quite fond of). Laurie brought a platter of enormous strawberries dipped in chocolate, so we had quite a feast!

Unfortunately, they couldn't stay very long, because Peter had taken a late train from New York (he had visited his grandmother in the hospital in New York for Mothers' Day before leaving for Boston, so although it was a short visit it was a very enjoyable one.

It had been a busy day, and sitting at the table with Peter, Laurie, Florence, and Marty was very tiring. At one point I said I had to lie down and went into the living room and onto the couch, where I could still see and talk with everyone. When I get really tired just supporting my body in an upright position is exhausting. While he was out yesterday Marty went to Bed Bath & Beyond, and bought a folding lounge chair I had seen on their Website which I think will be helpful, as it will support my head and legs and tilts to various positions. I'm looking forward to seeing if it is as comfortable as it looks; if so, it will be useful both on the porch and in the house, where I think it will be a good place to sit when I have company.

Today has been a rough day; one of those days where each time I get out of bed (mainly to go to the bathroom), I get totally knocked out and spend a few minutes gasping for breath. I fell asleep for an hour or so late in the morning, and may take another nap this afternoon.

Florence left this morning about eight. Julie drove her to the train station. I was very sad to see her go, but she said she'd come back soon, and meanwhile we'll be talking on the phone regularly. She kept teasing that the cats were glad that she was leaving, because she has been keeping the door to her room shut. Oliver kept trying to sneak in, but every time she caught him in there she just had to look at him and tell him to leave, and he would just turn and walk out!

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