Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleeping and more sleeping

I woke up this morning, stayed awake for an hour or so, and then went back to sleep. Since then I've been sleeping on and off with only brief periods of wakefulness. I've been out of bed a few times just to go to the bathroom and just wanted immediately to return to bed. I'll have to talk to Kathy tomorrow about whether this is significant.

I want to be strong enough to go to the MAMH gala on June 3rd--that's still more than two weeks away. Today the thought of getting up, getting dressed, getting out of the house, and being at the event seems overwhelming, but I've had these periods before and bounced back, so I hope I can get through this, too.

Marty isn't feeling well, either, and it makes me feel bad that I'm so dependent on him at a point where he needs to be taken care of himself. It's almost ten o'clock now and I guess I'll get ready to go to sleep (take my meds, brush my teeth) and presumably sleep through the night. I just hope I feel a little stronger tomorrow.


  1. Dear Judi,
    Ted's comments express my feelings exactly: hang in there! The gala sounds like lots of fun and I am remembering reading about the good times you were able to have when Sally and Ted visited. I think for me, it's a sort of Zen thing: I try to enjoy when I can be up and visiting with folks, or even going out for a nice treat, and when I really have to rest, rest, rest, I try to relax and be okay with that. I try to remind myself (very hard to do) that just because I can't do something today doesn't mean tomorrow will be necessarily be the same. Reading your posts ( all at a gallop!) it seems like that may be true for you sometimes as well. I am so thrilled when I read that the reiki or acupuncture or massage or a visitor helps you to relax or laugh or enjoy a pleasant hour or two. Remember how many people love and treasure and appreciate you. Lots of love from the Sunflower State!