Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers' Day festivities

When Marty got up early this morning with the alarm, I was still half asleep--Marty had to leave early to meet his friend Donna, who wanted his help looking at an apartment on the south shore, and before he left he took off all the junk that had accumulated on the bed, and made my tea. (I'm a tea nut, and drink tea brewed from tea leaves in a special cup.) Yesterday, when Jim was planning the Mothers' Day breakfast, he asked about my tea, and I told him Marty would show him how to make it, but Marty said it was easier for him to do it himself.

At about eight Julie came downstairs and got into bed with me. Florence had decided she didn't want to eat in bed, so Jim and the kids brought in a chair for her and put it next to the bed, along with a small table (last week Kathy arranged for a rolling hospital bedside table to be delivered, and for some reason we got two of them--the second one has not yet been picked up despite Kathy having called the company twice, so it actually was useful). I used my bedside table, and Julie had a tray table with legs that sits on the bed. Jim, Evelyn, Kyle, and Vivian then brought us waffles, tea for Florence and me, coffee for Julie, and a big bowl of strawberries and blackberries. We sat and ate and talked and laughed and had a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, I was feeling very tired and didn't feel comfortable out of bed, and in fact at some point during the morning I fell asleep and was waked up by Marty calling to see how I was doing, which was all right because the plan was that we were going out to lunch and I needed to get up. Marty said that Donna had really liked the apartment, which was good news, and that they were going to have breakfast in Plymouth in a place called the All American Diner.

It took me awhile to get dressed because it was one of those days when everything made me short of breath, but I finally got ready and we drove to a suburban Chinese restaurant that is a branch of a Chinatown restaurant, where they serve dim sum from little carts. We ordered tons of stuff and devoured it--Julie and Jim have raised the kids to eat all kinds of food and they are pretty fearless when it comes to eating "strange" things. When Evelyn was really little one of her favorite things when we went for dim sum was clams (which she called "lamps")!

I was extremely tired when we got home, but I'm resting and looking forward to Marty's arrival and my visitors, Laurie and Peter, who are scheduled to arrive around six thirty.

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  1. I had a distressing visit with my mother - she's fine but another lady on her wing is not - and blogged to make my thoughts visible. When I saw your blog that Oliver was missing, I had to come check on everything. I'm so glad he was just in the basement! That little rascal - he has no idea how important he is. Best to you.