Friday, April 3, 2009

Things that help

Yesterday was massage therapy day, something I always look forward to. When Lisa arrived, I had a nagging headache (not severe, just annoying) and was experiencing episodes of fluttering diaphragm, which interfere with breathing. She set up the massage table, and had me lie down, with my head somewhat more elevated than usual to assist breathing, and then she worked for a long while on my head and neck. I could feel the relaxation spreading through my body as various tension points released. She put one hand gently on my chest and carefully stretched to open things up, and I was able to recapture the image, which I have been using successfully, of the fluttering diaphragm as a rearing dragon, slowly being lured back to its cave. Then she finished with some work on my feet, which I could feel as relaxation spreading through my entire body. We listened to the new CD Myra left for me, music for flute and harp, which was lovely. Once the massage was over, the positive effects lasted all day.

In the evening, Florence asked me if I felt up to going out for dinner, and I decided that I did, so all of us, Florence, Marty and I, and Julie, Jim and the kids went to a local Chinese buffet. It was fun, but made me quite tired, but I slept well and am feeling pretty strong today. It's gray and rainy out, so I will stay in today, but I'm planning to go out tomorrow for the kids' birthday party. Every year for the past few years Julie has rented a church hall and held one party for all three kids, where there's lots of room to run around and play various games, and they also use it as a fundraiser for charities the kids support, like helping homeless families. And on Sunday, I'm hoping to feel strong enough to go with Florence and Marty to a wonderful Chinese Sunday brunch. It will be hard saying goodbye to Florence when she leaves on Monday, but she's promised to come back soon.

Kathy was here a little while ago, and she said that hospice may be about to acquire a Reiki practitioner, and that she was sure I'd be interested, and I told her that I certainly would be. Anything that holds the promise of making me more comfortable is something I'm willing to try. It was hard to miss acupuncture this week, because I always feel so good and relaxed after a treatment. So I certainly will make every effort to get there on Monday.

Meanwhile, I'm just continuing to try to keep my spirits up and enjoy little things. Florence has promised to make me a lockschen kugel (noodle pudding) which I've been craving for awhile and am looking forward to eating later today. Comfort foods are definitely one more thing that helps!

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