Friday, April 10, 2009

The second seder

Yesterday went a lot better. Because we were up so late, we slept till nine or so, and I didn't need the bi-pap once I was awake. Kathy came again to check me out (since she is taking Friday off) and said that I should continue to use the morphine and ativan to make myself as comfortable as possible. I mobilized some energy and was able to take a shower and get dressed in the late afternoon. As always, taking a shower feels good. Ann combed out my hair; having her here yesterday was great, as she helped Marty finish cleaning up the big mess that had accumulated in the kitchen. She's going to come back this afternoon to get fresh sheets on the bed, which we didn't get to yesterday.

Marty was worried that I would use up all my energy showering, but I felt good and strong when we were ready to leave the house. Marty's friends Lee and Sherry live in Chestnut Hill, and like most places around here, it is impossible to get from Point A to Point B in any logical way. There was also a lot of late rush hour traffic, and we thought we were running late, but the two other couples they had invited arrived at just about the same time we did.

This time I was able to sit at the table almost the whole time, although at one point I did excuse myself and went to lie down on the couch in the adjoining living room. I looked around for something to read, but didn't need it as I quickly fell asleep. I woke up after a bit (no idea how long I slept) just as Marty came in to check on me and see if I was ready for some dessert. It was a very pleasant evening and I'm so glad I felt up to going. Amazingly, I don't feel totally exhausted this morning. Lisa is supposed to be here soon for my massage.

As always, feeling better improves my mood, and I feel much more optimistic today.

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  1. Hi Judi,

    Glad you felt better yesterday and enkoyed the second seder last night.

    Brilliant you did not feel totally exhausted today.

    Hope tomorrow is good too.

    Take care.