Monday, April 27, 2009

Finding new PCAs

The combination of my growing weakness, and the fact that Ann is not going to be available this week has made the PCA situation somewhat urgent. Yesterday Julie suggested placing an announcement on our town's e-mail list, which people use for all kinds of things from neighborhood gripes to selling unwanted items to just about anything else. She posted it late yesterday and has already gotten two replies, one from a nursery school teacher (who we will be interviewing this afternoon) and the other from a nursing student (who has finals this week and will let us know when she is available for an interview). So I'm hoping that I'll find at least one compatible person.

I'm still feeling incredibly tired and just don't want to do much of anything. I had a rare night last night in which I didn't get a lot of sleep, which is a bit ironic since the TV was off. Oddly, I keep having these dreams about going to work, having a job, and stuff like that--right now, my "job" is to manage my last days as best as I can. Florence called this morning and said she will definitely be coming back soon--I need her so much.

Marty is so caring--it is so amazing, and so ironic, that we came into one another's life at this point; in the early part of our relationship I was almost always on the road (our joke was that he saw me mostly on the way to or from the airport), and then I very quickly changed into an invalid. There are so many people who would have said "this is not what I was looking for," but he reassures me constantly, in word and deed, that he is here for me. It seems strange, with all the bad things going on, that I should consider myself lucky, but at least in this one way I am.

I had a real scare yesterday when the computer shut down repeatedly and wouldn't stay on; having to get a new computer is something I just can't imagine having to deal with at this point. But after leaving it off for awhile I turned it back on and it ran a whole bunch of diagnostic tests on itself, and now seems to be working okay. Being a total computer idiot I have no idea what to do when the computer doesn't do what I expect it to.

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