Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A scary day

It's late, and I really should turn out the light and try to sleep. It's been a better day than yesterday, but I'm still congested and having a lot of trouble breathing. What's scarier, though, is that Marty is sick. He's very weak and is running a fever. We're both hoping he feels better when he wakes up. I'm still very nervous about the insurance situation. This afternoon I sent an e-mail to Dr. Forrow, who heads the palliative care department at Beth Israel/Deaconess (he's the one I spoke to originally about hospice), and almost immediately received a reply from him offering his help in whatever ways he could. One (joking) suggestion is that I should inform the insurance company that I no longer wanted hospice services, and was withdrawing my DNR order, so that I'd end up with frequent hospitalizations, ICU stays, life supports, etc.--the point being that the insurance company would cover the costs which would probably run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. More seriously, he said he was holding a meeting next week on end of life care, to recommend to the governor and legislature how things could be improved, and that he would probably use my story as an illustration to start the meeting. I guess I should try to go to sleep now.


  1. Oh dear Judi this is all very tough stuff to have to deal with. I just hope and pray you can soon find the answer as to how to continue with your home hospice care and then maybe the other tensions that are arising will ease.

  2. PS Isis is me, Jan from England. I changed my ID and picture to feel safer

  3. Hi Judi,

    Sorry to hear about all the insurance worries.

    Hope you have a good day today.