Saturday, April 25, 2009


I've been feeling lousy, yesterday and today, in a non-specific way--just kind of the allover blahs. I've still got a lot of mucus, which I'm managing to cough up, with a lot of effort, even with cough medicine to try to keep things loose. I have no energy. Marty is still feeling sick, with a severely upset stomach and general lack of energy as well.

I feel so unmotivated to do anything, even putting together the very important appeal letter to the insurance company. Kathy was here yesterday, as always, very sympathetic and supportive. She said the Reiki practitioner came in this week to do a demonstration for the staff and that I probably would get to see her next week. I made an appointment to see Anne P. (the acupuncturist--to be distinguished from Ann B., my PCA) for next Wednesday. It will be interesting to see what style of acupuncture she uses (so far, every one I've seen has done quite different things).

I thought I'd get another e-mail from Dr. Forrow about the meeting on Monday, so I guess I won't be going to that. I'm hoping he will write a letter to the insurance company detailing the expensive services I will be using if I'm denied hospice care. I also need to call Dr. Meyer, my primary care doctor, to ask her for a similar letter of support.

Of course, insurance companies are very well aware that asking very sick people to jump through lots of hoops means they probably won't get challenged for many of their outrageous decisions, which is good for their bottom line. Obama's health plan is just as bad as all the others as it still keeps insurance companies and their need for profit as part of the mix. Until we get single payer, this garbage will keep happening.

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