Saturday, April 18, 2009

More ups and downs

I woke up about 3 A.M. and wanting not to wake Marty (who really needed the sleep), I went and lay down on the daybed in the office and read for awhile, until the words started getting blurry and I went back to bed. I woke up again about six thirty, but then slept again till almost eight. Since Marty was still sleeping, and I was feeling up to it, I went into the kitchen and made myself breakfast. We've been out of cinnamon raisin bread for the past few days, so this morning it tasted especially delicious. Marty slept till almost nine thirty.

I'm still feeling very congested, so I'm back on the cough medicine and Levsin routine (the cough medicine loosens the secretions, while the Levsin dries them) , which Kathy wants me to gradually taper over the next couple of days. I get out of breath from any little exertion, but at least I feel strong enough to try. That's better than not wanting to get out of bed at all.

Tomorrow we're supposed to celebrate Marty's birthday (belatedly), by going out to dinner with Donna, at a restaurant near where she lives that gives a free dinner to a customer who's having a birthday (Donna's already checked with them and they will honor the policy even though it's not his actual birthday). I hope I feel up to it.

We did pretty well with the Friday and Saturday puzzles. Yesterday, we got most of the Friday puzzle done before Marty left for his doctor's appointment, and while he was gone I went back to it, found a few mistakes, and finished it. Today we had to look up a lot of stuff (for example, the author of an obscure book), which makes it a lot less fun, but we did finish it. It's nice when we get to the point where we can just start plugging things in (usually after erasing a few mistakes).

We went out to lunch today, to a wonderful Indian restaurant. Marty is always pleased when he can get me out, and the warm weather felt wonderful. After we ate, we went to the tea store and stocked up on all my favorite teas: Earl Grey, darjeeling, assam, and sencha, the Japanese green tea that I drink cold. He's gone for a few hours, back to his house to pick up some clean clothes and stuff. He suggested I try taking a nap while he's gone, and I might just try to do that.

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  1. It was a beautiful day in C'ville yesterday. Thank you for stopping by my site the other day.