Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still sleepy

I'm tired and don't feel like getting out of bed. I feel bad that it's Marty's birthday and I haven't been able to get him anything or celebrate with him...instead, he's just taking care of me, as always. I just want to rest and sleep, rest and sleep.

We did the Sunday crossword puzzle, which was pretty easy, but fun. I've read about as much as I want to read of the Sunday papers. I'm bored. My friend Prudy, who also has COPD and is waiting for a lung transplant, called awhile ago and said she'd be coming for a visit, and would call back to let me know when, but she hasn't called yet.

I can't even think of anything to write about. I'm bored...and I suppose I'm boring.


  1. Hi Judi,

    Have only met via the blog but you are certainly not boring.

    It is really difficult to find ones balance when illness puts restraints on our lives.

    Take it easy, hope the rest of today is pleasant for you.



    ps Are you also waiting for a lung transplant?]

    Hope you do not mind me asking?

  2. You are never boring. I hope your friend is okay and calls soon. And you know, some people believe in birthday months, not just days, so maybe you can get something for him later on.