Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little miracle

I didn't get a huge amount of sleep last night, maybe six hours (and despite several tries and being so exhausted, wasn't able to nap at all during the day yesterday), but when I woke up at around seven I could tell that I was feeling much better. I have a lot more strength and have already been out of bed several times. I still don't have much of an appetite, but I had some tea and a banana so that I had something in my stomach and could take all my meds.

It looks like I will be alone a good part of today, but unlike yesterday, I think I can handle it. Susan won't be here again until Friday, and Ann may or may not be able to come late in the afternoon. Marty has a bunch of errands to run and has a meeting tonight.

I had my first acupuncture treatment from Anne, my new acupuncturist (and neighbor), and, as always, the treatment made me feel wonderfully relaxed. I was looking forward to my massage tomorrow, but this morning there was an e-mail from Lisa (who seems to be having an incredible run of bad luck) that she has the chicken pox! So she has cancelled tomorrow's session. Kathy is still working on getting the Reiki person here some time this week.

Of course, feeling better means my mood has improved as well. Yesterday all I could think of was that things would just keep going downhill, but today I feel a lot more hopeful. I guess things are just going to continue this course of unpredictable ups and downs, and I just have to ride the roller coaster. I can't get off--and I hate roller coasters!


  1. Dear Judi,
    i look forward to reading more of your blog. my friend Alida Goldfarb has often spoken so well of you over the years.

    This is the anniversary of my mom's OD in 1977 so it is a bittersweet memory. Baskin Robbins is offering scoops of ice cream for 31 cents today!

    I hope this note finds you well. i look forward to sharing more of what is happening here possibly in time.

    Thank you for helping lead the way. I have a copy of On Your Own on my bookshelf here.

    much Love and Blessings from California,
    Jane Walsh Christol

  2. I'm glad to hear that you feel just a bit better today.

  3. Just wanted to say hello to you and glad to see you are feeling a bit more up now. I hope that continues for you and I do appreciate all of your courage in what you are doing. Good on you!

  4. Maybe it's genetic. Your granddaughter (Evelyn) hates roller coasters too. (-;

  5. Very interesting post. Perhaps this can help those who are going through similar experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    - Susan
    Boscawen NH assisted living