Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting more help

Julie and I interviewed a very pleasant young woman, Susan, this afternoon, and she will start tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours. With her, Ann, and potentially one other person, I should be able to have someone here at times I might otherwise be alone, as that just no longer feels safe or comfortable. Julie has been very helpful with that and other things. She's been working out with Florence a time when she could drive down and bring Florence here (so she'd only have to do the train one way), but when she said the date they've been considering is May 17th I said that sounded very far away, so I think they're going to try to make it sooner.

She also said that she realizes how important it is for Marty to keep up with his meetings and organizations; that she recognizes that it's an important part of his life and something he'll need to help keep him anchored when he's grieving me.

Julie's also been helping with getting the paperwork organized for the mortgage refinance. I think she understands how overwhelmingly hard even the simplest little thing seems to me these days.

It's time to go to sleep. That sounds so good.


  1. Hi Judi,

    Glad you will get more help soon.

    Take a look at my blog I gave you the Inspijrationla Blogger Award yesterday.

    Thinking about you heaps.

    Take it easy.

  2. Herrad--

    Yes, I saw that you mentioned my blog....thanks so much!!!