Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting outside on a nice day

The temperature went well up into the fifties today, and we managed to get out, although I was plagued with a miserable headache earlier in the day. But by mid-afternoon I was dressed and we went out just to run a few errands; it felt good just to be outside. I didn't even wear my winter jacket, just a light fall jacket, and we even had the car windows open.

When I first got into hospice I set a goal of living till Obama's election, then till the inauguration. Now I'd like to live to see at least the crocuses blooming. I am definitely declining, but very, very slowly, so I think that is a realistic target, and that I'll even get to set a few more beyond that. (Red Sox opening day, maybe?)

Yesterday, before acupuncture, Julie and I went to the bank to arrange things so either she or I can sign my checks (useful if I get too weak to do it myself), and today I arranged to liquidate the retirement account and put it into the bank, so I can draw on it as needed. Amazingly, in these weird financial times, the retirement account continued to gain value. I think--hope--this will give me enough money to live on in the time I have left (I still have my monthly disability check, alimony, and the rent/loan payment check from Jim and Julie). According to the will, anything left will then pass to Julie. I'm trying to make things as simple as possible. I still have to find and pay for a prepaid cremation service.

This little excursion has left me feeling extremely tired, but it's the good kind of tired that means I will sleep well. And I got some interesting calls today--Bernie Carey from the Mass. Association for Mental Health and Joan Kerzner of DMH are coming to visit next month, and Marianne and Bill are going to do a taping with me about movement history in early March. Also, Darby called and thinks she has located an archivist who may be interested in taking my (and Rae's) papers--I'm sure there's lots of gems there, but they definitely need to be sorted through. She's going to have the woman call me directly.

Marty and I are leaving for our weekend in Providence on Friday, early in the afternoon. It's only an hour's drive, so I should have lots of time to rest up before we might go out to dinner with some friends.

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  1. My father's papers are in an archive, they do all the sorting and cataloging, you needn't worry about that. I can already see how many feet they have and the categories online although I would have to go to Philadelphia to actually see anything and they were only picked up this year. I like to visit it sometimes. (My father is still alive but he arranged to have his papers donated after he was diagnosed with Alzheimers to the place he always wanted them to go.)

    I wish you many good dinners out.