Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bouncing back again

I didn't realize how late in the evening it was when I mentioned to Marty that I was getting hungry and thought it might be nice to have some Chinese food, and then suggested going out to a restaurant, which he was delighted to hear. He always thinks that getting me out is good for me, and I think it surprised him to hear me say it since I'd been feeling so weak and low energy all day, but I said that, although I thought it might be physically difficult, it would also be extremely good for morale. It was already after eight, but I managed to get dressed without getting too exhausted, and we drove to a nearby Chinese restaurant.

I figured I'd be tired and uncomfortable sitting up, but I had a lot more energy than I expected. When I was getting ready to leave the house, I switched myself from the big oxygen tank to the little portable (which fills from the big tank), and discovered that the big tank was really low (or possibly empty--I'm going to have to ask the oxygen guy when he comes on Wednesday what the orange light means). So it's possible that I may not have been getting oxygen during part of the day (I'm sure there was still sufficient oxygen when Kathy checked me out on Friday, since my saturation level then was 98%). I now have two tanks so when we got back from the restaurant we switched over to the other one, which is full. When he was last here for his regular tank fill, the oxygen guy (a very pleasant fellow named Jordan), delivered the second tank, saying that the company wanted to switch to coming every other week--until then I had only one tank, although I of course also have the portable concentrator.

For whatever reason, I felt good in the restaurant and ate a reasonable amount of the huge dish of Singapore noodles that I ordered (and took home the rest). Although it's quite cold out, I just had to go from the house to the car, and Marty found a parking spot directly across from the restaurant. He asked if I thought I was able to walk across the street (otherwise he would have circled around to drop me directly in front), and I said I didn't think it would be a problem. When we left he did tell me to wait inside while he went and got the car and picked me up directly in front.

Again, although I expected to feel totally wiped out and just wanting to climb back into bed, I felt surprisingly good. Marty came in with me as there were a few things that needed to be done, but I knew he was very tired and he left quickly, promising that he would go to sleep right away. I got undressed and ready for bed, but I wasn't all that sleepy (having taken two long naps during the day), so I watched TV for awhile before trying to get to sleep, and then slept for only a few hours. It's now about four in the morning and I'm definitely going to try to sleep some more. I feel in much better spirits than I did before going out--maybe I'll be able to do some cooking later. I found a recipe for a potato, cheese, and ham casserole that sounds delicious--I was going to make it with Ann on Friday but didn't have the energy. Marty said he would cook with me, which is sweet of him as it's traife (non-kosher), so he won't eat any of it. It will be a large amount but it's one of those things that I can heat portions of for several days.

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