Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feeling stronger

Today has been a good day. I'm back to eating some real food--still not my normal diet, but my old standby comfort foods, like baked potatoes, chicken pot pies, and tonight, blintzes with sour cream. (For those of you who don't know what a blintz is, my sympathies!) There's a local company that makes wonderful frozen chicken pot pies with no yuckie stuff--you even have to add your own veggies, as it's just big chunks of chicken with gravy and crust.

I've been out of bed quite a bit, although I get tired quickly and have to lie down after every little exertion. Tonight I'm planning to take a shower, which is both refreshing and exhausting, as Marty really wants to get me out of the house tomorrow, when it's supposed to hit 50 degrees! And Monday I'll need to go out again for acupuncture.

I am so lucky to have Marty in my life. When we met, I was an active person with a career that was still taking me around the world--I'm sure lots of guys would have bowed out when I turned into an invalid, but he has been a rock! We make each other laugh and that's probably the best medicine of all. We have a shared love of crossword puzzles, silly puns, music, good food, and good conversation...and best of all, he lives just a mile away.


  1. I LOVE cheese blintz's I have not had one in years as they seem popular with only a few of us.
    Hope you have, or can get, a bath seat and an extended shower head. Knowing you, even for a short time, you likely have these already....

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