Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling strong

Since my acupuncture on Monday, I've been feeling good. Yesterday we got out for a few hours--it was so warm I didn't even need my winter coat, just a light jacket. Today I'm supposed to rest as much as possible to try to store up energy for our trip to Providence tomorrow. It's going to be nice to be away--the last time we tried to do this, when we were supposed to go to Alternatives in Buffalo in late October, I ended up in the hospital. I'm definitely much better now than I was then.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, but I'll be able to retreat to the hotel room as necessary to rest up as much as I need to. I'll have to look today to find some nice clothes that I can still fit into--prednisone has given me more than just chipmunk cheeks!

Marty is having lunch with his friend Sharif, and since they almost always eat at the kosher deli, I have asked him to bring me a brisket sandwich, and I think I'll ask for some mushroom barley soup, too. Yum! I have declared my stomach officially back to normal.


  1. Oh, good, Judi. I am thrilled to hear about your impending Providence trip for Valentine's weekend/day. I hope it goes well for you both. You deserve this special time together.
    love, Dorothy

  2. Have a wonderful time in Providence. It's a great city. And don't worry about nice clothes--wear comfortable clothes. You're beautiful either way, chipmunk cheeks!