Monday, February 9, 2009

Better and stronger

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but when I woke up I felt fairly sure I'd be able to manage a shower and getting dressed, so I could get out to the bank and to acupuncture. So now I have my bank accounts set up so that either Julie or I can sign checks, which will make things simpler if I'm feeling too sick to pay my bills (she is going to set me up to pay most of them on line in any case). And when I die all she'll need to do is take a copy of the death certificate into the bank to put the account into just her name--no lawyers or probate involved.

Acupuncture today has had a good effect--I was tired when we got home (we also stopped for lunch), and rested for a bit, but now I've been mostly out of bed for a couple of hours, which is always good for getting me the right kind of tired for drifting easily off to sleep. I've been plagued with nightmares the past few nights, although I was able to shake them off and get back to sleep pretty quickly. They were all doom scenarios--my bed catching fire, a stranger pulling me out of bed and choking me, stuff like real problem to interpret what any of that means. At some point I am not going to be able to get out of that bed, and that's the simple truth.

The Hospice Foundation of America, has put a link to my blog on their page, which I hope will draw more readers--each time I look, the number of registered readers is going up, and I know there are unregistered readers as well. I really do want to see people reading and commenting on this seems like useful work I can still do, even in my weakened state.

I'm still eating only a very limited diet, but it's all healthy stuff, and I expect I'll keep adding new foods a few at a time. Chicken pie, my all-time comfort food, is the main thing, and that's chicken and carrots and peas with some nice gravy and crust and no weird stuff. We went to a diner for lunch after acupuncture and I had a chicken salad sandwich with tomato on whole wheat bread. The important thing is to make sure not to upset my still somewhat delicate stomach (not my usual condition--I usually can eat just about anything).

I think, in fact, it's time to eat something now--probably some whole wheat pasta, and watch some TV. Obama is giving a news conference to try to get people behind his stimulus bill--the Republicans are acting like they forgot they lost the election! It should be interesting.


  1. Hi Judi, hope you are doing better.

    I won't use my name, I'm a young man and need to earn and work in this society that smears our names with coercive psychiatry. Let me just say we have spoken before, on the phone, I'm a young man, and I called from a far away place.

    I'm a psychiatry survivor. I'm not proud I live in a society where I was forced to become one, but I am proud I survived. I know you did your early work before the internet. I want you to know Judi, with all my heart, how thankful I and many others around the world are, that we were able to read your work and about you on the internet these past years.

    You can rest assured, you really can, that for ONE person, you've done so, so much to help and save your fellow psychiatry victims and survivors. You fought the GOOD fight, always on the right side of good and evil. I love you as a person for this, many do, you are widely respected, know this.

    I'm not an American, but your American psychiatry survivor colleagues can be proud, and we around the world can be glad you wrote and shared in the English language, so that others may enjoy the help just hearing about your story of survival brings.

    You are a good person, you've lived a good life, and you will not be forgotten. I was very saddened to hear the news that your body is becoming fatigued and worn out. The shrinks broke your body young, and we know this. We will always spread your story of hope on the internet, and in the press on the odd times they let us in the door, you will never be forgotten in the collective mind of our freed minds Judi.

    You're a wonderful person, a lovely woman, and above all, a granite slab of strength for the worldwide psychiatry survivor community. Be assured Judi, that a capable, young new generation is standing ready to be handed the baton in the fight against the shrinks, pharma and governments, so that the pharmacaust can be stopped. So that the indoctrination of our young can stop.

    Your photograph will always have pride of place on our websites worldwide. You lived life as a warrior in a war we have all been drafted into. Deep in all our hearts, we know this war will go on for longer than our short journeys on this earth. The next few decades are crucial, as all the young whose brains have been raped by psych drugs and incredulous parents and shrink ideology grow up and learn the truth via the internet.

    The stranglehold on stories of survival, truth and hope has been SMASHED by the internet that is for sure, but before the internet, there was people like you. Pioneer activist psychiatry survivors, whom we will NEVER forget.

    Just surviving, learning, understanding what was done to you by the shrinks, and letting the world know, was enough, and bravely doing this for our benefit, you are truly someone who led a consequential life Judi, and please know this. From the bottom of my heart I send you all the love and life energy I can you lovely, lovely woman.

    I hope and trust that you will be comfortable and in good spirits for the rest of your wonderful, helpful, respected, admired life Judi. You were here, the WORLD knows this, YOU MATTERED, the world knows this... you will NEVER be forgotten and you're a psychiatry survivor hero, and as I said, my new website later this year when it launches, your face, your story, pride of place up there with the other luminaries from recent psychiatry survivor history.

    In the interests of making it easier for your people to leave comments, go to the option and allow anonymous commenters, I did have to go to some trouble to sign up for google blogger ID to leave you this comment. Only for you Judi, only for you. I'd think you'd get more commenters if they didn't have to go through the motions of signing up.. your choice judi, I wouldn't force you to do anything.... other than understand how much you are loved, admired and respected in solemn serious gratitude and sincerity in the psychiatry survivor community.

    Well done Judi, you're a survivor. I'm a survivor, and thankyou for playing your small part in helping me save my life from the indoctrinated biopsych shrink ideology that nearly killed me, and did cost me many years of my life.

    Knowing there are people like you out there, makes the nights less cold, and the world less cold, when all the other citizens stand by and allow us to be mangled and raped by the fucking shrinks, it means the world to know you're standing on the hill like a watchman, taking a stand, with others, and I come and stand next to you all shoulder to shoulder and we can rid the world of this destructive ideology, or at least make it between consenting adults only.

    If there is a god, and I don't particularly have any strong theism in me, but I am sure if there is a god, he'll be damn happy with you Judi, damn happy, you've done your bit, you've made your mark. You've helped us see when for many years we are made blind by the big song and dance the shrinks put on.

    I'm happy that the honorable Sir David Oaks let us know you had this blog. I just knighted him!

  2. Judi - I've just found out about your blog from the MindFreedom site. I am a psychiatric survivor in England. We don't know each other but you have touched my life. The seeds you sowed in the Seventies grew into a mighty tree with many branches. I look forward to following your blog. You are an inspiration to me.

  3. Hi again Judi, you are getting some lovely postings, the one from the anonymous young man made me cry. Wowee, you deserve it!

    Love to Marty, I'm glad I got a chance to meet him in 2007, and also to Julie and the lovely Gilbert and Oliver.

    I'm glad you got a good day and managed your acupuncture and your chicken pie. Your comfort foods sound great! With you in spirit


  4. Judi,
    I think that is a really great you did at the bank to help Julie including thinking of her needs after you are no longer there. Glad to hear hospice hooked in too. You are very open about this which will make some people a bit tongue tied in return but you are right; this is a very usueful thing to do and SO like you. Thanks for doing it. Maybe when you get too tired to type you could get a sort of 'secretary' (Julie?) to fill us in on how you are doing. She could even rant for you!

  5. I was very glad to see the link to your blog from the hospice blog.

    You will be an inspiration to many and an educator for those needing to understand about this time in life.

    Thanks for your contribution and I wish for you comfort and love.