Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Acupuncture really is helping

After acupuncture yesterday, Marty and I stopped for some lunch. My stomach's still a bit iffy, so instead of the gourmet pizza place we've been going to for the past few weeks, we went to a very nice diner and I had a chicken salad sandwich (another thing I can usually eat). When we came home I needed to rest for awhile (I think I even dozed off for a bit), but then I spent much of the rest of the day out of bed, and when I was ready for sleep I felt pleasantly tired rather than exhausted, which I knew would lead to good sleep.

Today is going slowly, but I feel strong. Ann was supposed to come--I was planning on doing some more straightening up with her--but she called to say she feels she's coming down with something and didn't think it was a good idea to be around me. But I will try to get some things put away by myself.

When I'm in the acupuncture room, and when I leave there, I feel that I'm in an island of calmness and wellness...I'd like to see if I can sustain that feeling. Tomorrow is supposed to be a warm day and maybe this time Marty and I really will be able to get out for a little excursion. And on Friday we're leaving for Providence and a little Valentine's getaway, which should be good for both of us.

My nurse Kathy was here earlier--blood pressure is back down to normal, and she didn't hear any wheezing. These are good signs. I'd like to have a week as good as last one was bad!

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