Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A very good day

After all that sleep I've been awake and alert all day. Marty had a couple of doctors' appointments, so he left a little before ten, after giving me some breakfast, and Laurel arrived around eleven. She and Julie decided to do a big decluttering job--taking lots of clothes that I'll never fit into again and getting them ready to donate to various places, and meanwhile clearing spaces in my armoire and closet for Marty to keep his things, which he's been leaving in piles on the floor. This should make it much easier for him to keep his things organized.

We were supposed to meet with the guy from the cremation service this afternoon, but Marty called and said his doctor's schedule was running very late and he wouldn't be back in time, so we've rescheduled that for tomorrow. Katrina, the hospice social worker, came for her appointment at three, and she, Julie, and I talked for awhile until Marty arrived. She wants to help with the logistics of the New York trip, once we figure out dates, where we want to stay, whether we want to see a show, and other details. We'll try to figure that out in the next day or two.

I'm slowly beginning to eat again. Julie brought me some vegetable soup from Whole Foods for lunch and Marty is out now getting some Singapore noodles from the Chinese takeout in Arlington Center, which will be the most food I've eaten for awhile.

Tomorrow should be a good day--I've got acupuncture, then my friend Bob Whitaker is coming to interview me for his new book, and then he's going to go out and bring back some take-out for dinner for the three of us. Last time Bob was here he and Marty really hit it off--I'm always glad when my friends like one another.

When Marty got back last night it was after ten, and since Diana doesn't have a car and we didn't want her taking the bus at night, he drove her home (it's probably only about a ten minute drive); as soon as she got in the car they realized they knew each other! She's a member of the Cambridge Friends Meeting and Marty has spoken there a number of times. When she and I were talking yesterday we discovered we also knew a number of people in common--another of those small world things.

Amazingly enough, I hardly did any coughing at all today.

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