Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The sleep "cure"

Not only did I sleep almost all day yesterday, but I slept through the night as well and am feeling pretty good. It's about seven; Marty is still sleeping and I don't want to wake him since he got even less sleep than I did the other night and then was busy all day (he didn't get home till after ten).

I forgot to mention in yesterday's entry that during one of my brief periods of wakefulness my volunteer, Tim, stopped by. He sat on the bed and chatted for a little while (after making sure that I wanted him to stay), until I told him I felt another wave of sleepiness coming on. I had totally forgotten about it until after I finished writing last night--I guess it was kind of dreamlike.

I still have some pain in my side, but it's not intense, so it's beginning to look like a pulled muscle rather than a cracked rib (which takes weeks to heal). I've taken hardly any morphine (I think one small dose last evening) and seem to be breathing all right and just generally feeling better. In the midst of feeling so awful yesterday I was too weak even to make it to the bathroom so I just peed onto one of the disposable pads. Lauren is supposed to be bringing a bedpan so we'll be prepared the next time this happens, but I've been making it to the bathroom on my own since yesterday afternoon.

It looks like the oxygen guy was right--with the humidity dial turned down, the bi-pap worked fine and didn't fill with water last night. I really wasn't sure if he knew what he was talking about but figured I had to give it a try.

Except for some cinnamon raisin toast which Diana made me last night, I didn't eat at all yesterday. I kept drinking because I was thirsty, which is important, but skipping a few meals won't do me any harm! I'm not even sure if I'm hungry now; I'll decide once Marty wakes up whether I want some food or just something to drink. I am looking forward to a much better day!

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