Friday, June 19, 2009

Musings of a proud grandma

My oldest grandchild, Evelyn, who is fourteen, has turned into a strikingly beautiful young woman. One of her interests is contra dancing, and the kids in her contra dance group decided to hold a "contra prom." So yesterday she came down to model her dress for me before leaving for the prom, and today she reported on how much fun she had.

It was last summer when I suddenly realized that she was no longer a little girl. I was sitting on the porch and she came up the steps and for a split-second I didn't know who this young woman was, before suddenly realizing it was Evelyn.

My two other grandchildren are also wonderful. Kyle, who is twelve, and Vivian, seven, are leaving next week for two weeks at Quaker camp in Maine (Evelyn is going to a session later in the summer). I love them so much and feel sad that I'm not going to see them grow up.

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  1. Can't help correcting you: "musings" is such a sophisticated, intellectual concept. What you're doing in this posting - and do *so* well in general - is KVELLING! - what a "proud grandma" is *supposed* to do. And I'm so glad you have such great grandchildren to kvell over!