Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A surprising amount of energy and some interesting plans

To my surprise, I've had more energy today than I have in quite awhile. I haven't been sleepy, and I've been out of bed a number of times--never for very long, but without collapsing back into bed, which is the way it's been for awhile.

Laurel called first thing this morning to say that she was feeling sick and wasn't going to be able to come. Marty had a doctor's appointment, and fortunately Judy, who has the most flexible schedule of all my PCA's, was available. Judy has a nice, bouncy kind of energy and enthusiasm that makes her enjoyable to be around.

I had an early breakfast (because I essentially woke Marty) of tea and biscuits, and Judy made me a nice lunch--a chicken salad sandwich on good whole grain bread. Marty is going to stop at Whole Foods to get something good for dinner. Judy left around two, but I was alone for just a short while because Katrina, the new social worker, was due around three.

Katrina, Julie, and I talked about a bunch of things. Katrina said there were a lot of things she could do to facilitate the trip to New York, the most important of which was that she would arrange with the nearest hospice to serve as back up. She also said that once we knew what hotel we'd be staying at she could call the concierge to see what could be arranged in terms of wheelchair transportation at the theater and other logistics (although I'm planning on bringing the scooter, I think it would be easier to go to the theater without it).

We also talked about cremation, and I sent an e-mail to Mount Auburn Cemetery, which also does cremations, and I'm going to make an appointment with the cremation service I called the other day, to come and meet with us, and then we will pick one.

Julie and I told Katrina that there wouldn't be a funeral; we'd do what we did when Daddy died, which was to have a gathering several weeks later. Julie pointed out that, unlike Daddy's, an event for me would be huge, and she was not looking forward to planning it. I then said something I'd suggested much earlier, which was to have it, instead, when I was still alive, which Julie especially liked. Katrina said she'd heard about people doing similar things, and it was one more thing that she'd be glad to help with. Of course, once we pick a date, I may or may not be there, but it would work either way. I'd like to have it at a nice hotel with some yummy nibbly things, wine, and some music. I'm not sure exactly what we'd call it, but I'm sure we'd think of something.

Susan arrived while Katrina was here, and got all yesterday's laundry folded and put away, and once Katrina left, took up a job Laurel had started yesterday, going through the piles of magazines that are stacked up on the back of the bookcase/headboard. The cats are often sitting up there and every now and then there's an "avalanche" of magazines, usually onto Marty's head! Now Susan is gone, I'm resting, and feeling pleasantly surprised at how a day which started out with me in such a strange mood has turned out so well.


  1. Why don't you call the event you mentioned a celebration of your life?

  2. Hi Judi,

    What a good idea to have everyone get together to celebrate your life with you.

    Glad you have abit more energy, enjoy your trip.



  3. Hi Judi, How about "Completing the Journey: My Way"

  4. Ted always reads my mind! A Celebration of the Life of Judi Chamberlin sounds great to me and I hope to be there! You can hear for yourself all the nice things we say about you! You can have the food you like and enjoy all the lovely remembrances.