Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which comes first...

...the chicken (feeling better and stronger) or the egg (improved mood)? I woke up this morning around seven, Marty was still sleeping, and I got up and made myself a cup of tea and some cinnamon raisin toast. There were clean dishes in the dishwasher, which I figured Ann would take care of when she arrived, along with doing some laundry and making up Florence's bed, but then she called and said she had a bad cold, so it would be a very bad idea for her to be around me.

Another thing I had planned while she was here was to take a shower, so she could comb my freshly washed hair; it's been a long time (I don't want to think about how long) since I've had a shower. But I did take one in the late morning; it made me out of breath but I recovered rather quickly, and then I went and sat in the kitchen so Marty could comb out my long hair. It feels great to be clean!

Marty went out to a meeting around lunch time, once I assured him I could take care of my own lunch, and I also emptied the dishwasher and loaded it with the dishes that had accumulated in the sink. Florence's train is due in a bit after six; Julie will be picking her up and I expect her around seven. We talked before she left and I asked if she would be hungry when she got here; she said she will eat a big lunch before she leaves and has a sandwich for the train, so Marty will pick up some Chinese food for us for dinner and Florence can eat as much or as little as she wants. I know what I want--my usual Singapore noodles!

Myra and I had a really nice visit yesterday, which really perked me up. Although we've known each other for well over twenty years, yesterday was probably the most time we've ever spent together just talking about ourselves and our lives. She also brought me another CD, this one on which she plays harp and a friend plays flute--she thinks Lisa and I will find it even more enjoyable than the solo harp CD to accompany our massage sessions. Myra's CDs can be viewed and ordered at http://myrakovary.com/

Today the sun is shining...one more thing that improves my mood. In a few hours, Florence will be here.

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