Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still tired

I guess I'm still paying for the energy expenditure of the weekend. Yesterday I slept most of the evening, and then got a good night's sleep as well. I haven't napped today, but it's one of those days where I want to spend as little time out of bed as possible.

Marty set the alarm for seven this morning because he had an early doctor's appointment. I woke up about six thirty; in my former life, I always was an early riser, and I'm the kind of person who comes wide awake easily, but I know most people struggle to come awake, and poor Marty, who is overtired and stressed out these days, took awhile to get up. While he was getting dressed, his feet got tangled in my oxygen tubing, which pulled the bi-pap machine off the cabinet with a loud crash. There's a small plastic piece which connects the air hose to the machine, which broke. I've broken it in the past and the oxygen delivery guy had left me several of them, since it's such a vulnerable part. I was sure I still had a few left but couldn't find them, so I called the oxygen company and they said they'd have someone deliver one. My regular delivery guy came a few hours later, and left me a bunch of them once again, but when I tried to turn on the machine, nothing happened, so he said he'd put in a call to one of the respiratory therapists, who called and said he'd be here later today.

Marty left around nine, and I was able to make tea and have a small breakfast before Ann arrived at ten. I had a bunch of things for her to do, including putting fresh sheets on the bed, which always feels good. While she was here Kathy came to check me over; she was pleased to hear about my good weekend and agreed that this tiredness was to be expected.

After Ann left, I was alone for only a short while before Jen, my hospice volunteer, stopped by and we talked for awhile. I had put a chicken pie in the oven before she arrived and when it was done she left and I ate my lunch and then came back to bed. I don't feel too bad lying down but as soon as I have to get up I immediately get winded and just want to get back to bed.

It continues to get gradually warmer and I'm hoping that while Ted is here (he arrives on Thursday) we'll be able to get out and do some enjoyable things. Even as weak as I am, there's still good things to be found, and I'm determined to find them.

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  1. Hi Judi,

    You are right there are still good things to be found.

    Hope you and all of us find them.