Monday, March 2, 2009

Tired of being tired

I woke up in the middle of the night, about 3 A.M., with a bad coughing fit. I'm glad Marty was here because it would have been much scarier alone. I just couldn't stop coughing--after about ten minutes Marty got my cough medicine, but when I'm that far into a coughing spell the medicine takes about half an hour to work, and in fact I had to take a second dose before the coughing finally stopped. Both of us were exhausted, and we got back to sleep and slept till after nine. Because of coughing that much, I've been tired all day, even after a few naps. And every time I cough, I'm terrified that it will get out of control again. I did start coughing a little in the middle of the day, and immediately took some cough medicine to short-circuit another possible coughing spell.

I've barely been out of bed today. Acupuncture was cancelled because of the snow (we wouldn't have gone in any case)--I think there must be at least eight inches. Right now I have a splitting headache--I hope I can sleep soon and wake up feeling a little better.

I called hospice this morning because I wanted to talk to Kathy about the coughing. I got another nurse who said he'd leave a message for Kathy but I never heard from her. She's scheduled to be here tomorrow so I'll talk to her then--not that I think there's anything more that I can do for coughing besides cough medicine.

I'm out of energy and out of patience.

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  1. I think you may need a little increase in morphine Judi. Stay on top of the pain; a bit at a time but stay with it.