Monday, March 9, 2009

Feeling better

I had a good night's sleep, but I guess I wasn't fully awake when I tried to switch over from the bi-pap to the oxygen tank. I was sitting on the side of the bed and couldn't find the loose end of the tubing to attach to the nasal cannula, when it was still attached to the bi-pap intake about a foot from me, right at eye level. I began to panic because I wasn't getting any oxygen, which woke Marty, who immediately pointed out what the problem was, making me feel pretty stupid (it's something I do every morning). Of course, once I was breathing again, I calmed down. I went to the bathroom (still moving in Slo-Mo), and decided that I felt pretty good, so I was able to go into the kitchen and make my tea, and then I cooked some pasta and ate it sitting up in the kitchen. It's good for my morale to be able to be out of bed, especially after yesterday when I had that deep exhaustion and just wanted to stay in bed.

Today is acupuncture day, but when I saw it was snowing I decided not to go, not wanting to breathe cold air and risk a relapse. I still have pneumonia, after all. I've now taken four days of antibiotics, with six to go, which should be effective, based on many past bouts with this.

Marty is out doing grocery shopping and other errands, and I just heated up the rest of the eggdrop soup and ate, again, in the kitchen. Eating in bed isn't that bad, with my cushioned back rest and the bed table, but it's still inherently messy and makes me feel like even more of an invalid. I know the time will come when I will have to eat in bed, but as long as I can still make it into the kitchen and eat sitting in a chair, I certainly prefer it.

The other day, Marty brought me a gift from his friend Donna--three potted blooming bulbs (white and blue hyacinths and yellow tulips) and a bunch of tightly closed daffodils that have now opened. They're all on the kitchen counter and the hyacinths are perfuming the whole room. They're a real reminder of spring, which is coming, despite today's snow. Marty asked if he could put them in the bedroom but there really is no place for them.

I wish I could have gotten out over the weekend to enjoy the relatively warm weather, but it's only a matter of weeks before we can count on at least some warm days each week. I'll have to ask Julie to let me know if any of our early bulbs (crocuses and snowdrops) are poking up yet. Once spring comes for sure I'll be able to sit out on my porch, which is right off my bedroom and where I always eat breakfast and lunch in warm weather. I've heard birds chirping a few times now. Living till spring was one of my goals, and it looks like I will reach it.

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