Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Boston Globe

The story about me appeared in today's paper, very prominently placed on page three of the Ideas section (
Even though they spelled my name correctly in the story, I see it is spelled wrong in the url--grrrh! When I logged on a short while ago I see that there are already comments trashing my ideas, so I hope readers of this blog will (1) log onto and write their own comments, and (2) e-mail the story to others who may be interested.

At the same time, in another section of the paper, the Sunday Magazine, one of their regular columnists, Charles Pierce ( uses some really ugly language, including "wing nuts," "crazy," and "loony," to refer to the Holocaust-denying bishop the Pope recently brought back into the church. Coming at a time when President Obama was (quite rightly) called to task for a thoughtless comment on Special Olympians that he made on Jay Leno's TV show the other night, and for which he issued a public apology, I think this display of hate speech needs to be challenged. Bishop Williamson's views can quite accurately be described has hateful, evil, and just plain wrong (he says the Germans didn't kill Jews in gas chambers); "craziness" has nothing to do with it. The article can be found at

I'm having a kind of rough day today, very short of breath and most comfortable back in bed with my bi-pap mask on. Both Marty and Ted have gone out, but I feel comfortable being alone, as I think I'm most likely to take a nap in a little while. Meanwhile, I feel really good about the thought of people all over the Boston area opening the paper and maybe getting their minds opened a little bit!


  1. Judi,
    you're a goddess...comment threads in newspapers are brutal and ugly...don't read them if they upset you...

    Whenever I get vile stuff directed at me on my blog I delete and right quick...don't give it any energy.

    you are a huge inspiration to so many of us who have been moved to continue your awesome work in our own unique ways...

    much love to you!

  2. Hi Judi,

    I was just sent the link to your blog and would like to follow it.

    As for hate speech, Garrison Kieillor (sp?) of A Prairie Home Companion fame just today had a rather distressing segment on March "Madness. " In it, a basketball fan went "crazy" and ended up in a "mental hospital", a
    "Looney bin" needing medication because of his insane fanaticism for basket ball...all done in a mocking, sarcastic tone. I wrote to GK somehow but do not expect a reply.

    I myself have been hospitalized a total of 8 years, sometimes forced into ECT and court-ordered on meds as well, restrained many times etc. due to a diagnosis of schizophrenia. I believe, however, that if I'd had a "living will" of the sort you describe, AND if it were actually followed, some of the crueler measures might not have been considered "necessary."

    I admire your work...You have really "made a dent."

    Pamela Spiro Wagner

  3. Congratulations on your newspaper piece - I live in Australia so I would not normally have seen it but I have a Google alert set up so if there is a news item with the words "bedridden" or synonyms it alerts me, and that popped up your article.

    I'd like to ask if I could include your blog in the listing of housebound and bedridden bloggers I keep on Bedbound/Unlimited. It's a fairly new blog and there aren't many bloggers who are housebound/bedridden so I've just been slowly filling up the lists.

  4. Hey Judi - More than just the Boston folks are getting a chance to read your Globe article. We all owe you so much, but you know that, right? We are your sons and daughters. There are so many of us, now! I hope you rest well, today.

  5. For Ricky--
    Don't know how to contact you any other way...went to the Bedbound site but couldn't find a "contact us" or e-mail. So I'm using this...please do include a link, although I'm not completely bedbound (quite yet).


  6. Judi Chamberlin, We live in Portland and we enjoyed your article and wish you the best! Jon and Barbie Fortune

  7. Judi, thanks for coming over to my site - I didn't realise I was missing the "Contact" page until you commented. Now I realise it's missing on two of my websites ... eeek! Thanks for the heads-up.

    I've added you to the Bedbound/Unlimited links list and wish you all the best.

  8. Dear dear Judi,

    This is David Ferleger, distressed at hearing such news about you, just today, but delighted to see and read your familiar spirit and optimism and precision showing through your words. I send love and prayers from Philadelphia.

    If we can talk or email, let me know. David --- phone for my office is 610 668 2221 and I can give you my cell