Monday, March 16, 2009

A tired day

After all the activity over the weekend, it's not surprising that I'm very low energy today. I'm not totally wiped out, just wanting to stay in bed and rest. I slept till nine and took an afternoon nap, and I've been reading and just generally taking it easy. I was able to participate in a one and a half hour teleconference on housing issues and make some (I hope) useful comments, after a series of dreams last night in which I somehow ended up getting the time wrong and missing the conference.

It was so good to have Sally here, and in a few days my friend Ted arrives. Company energizes me, and even when I don't feel like getting out of bed, it's great to be able to sit and talk and get my mind off being sick.

I'm hoping that as it gets warmer I'll be able to get out a little more. There's a little porch right outside my bedroom where I love to sit, and most years I've filled the hanging baskets and window boxes so I can be surrounded by flowers. There's a little table there, and I love to have my meals there. Of course, this being New England, I'm sure winter will be back a few more times, but I know spring will come for sure soon.


  1. Hi Judi,
    Hope springs comes soon by you and you can sit out surrounded by flowers.

    Take care.

    ps today is my birthday, there will be cakes and friends to eat them later this afternoon!

  2. Very nice, Judi. I think spring is here for sure. If you need any rides while Ted is here(or any other time), please call.
    love, Dorothy