Monday, October 12, 2009

The new social worker

On Friday, Joan, who has been filling in as the hospice social worker, came with Nancy, who will be the new social worker, and both of them spent some time talking with me, Marty, and Julie, and it was a real clearing of the air. I think I'm going to feel good about working with Nancy (although we jokingly told her that she would have to change her name so as not to get mixed up with the Nancie who is the home health aide--still another name to get things confused).

Nancy also had the papers for me to sign for Medicare so they will pay for my hospice care, effective October 1st. Now I have to figure out which company to sign up for to get the drug benefit, as I still have to pay for my Celebrex, the only one of my medicines not provided by hospice (since it is not related to my primary condition). This means finding out how much I would have to pay for the drug without insurance, and then comparing it with what the various companies would charge. I think this is all doable on the Web, but it's very annoying that it has been set up this way (which was done by Bush to the great financial benefit of drug companies).

Nancy will be coming back on Friday for another session with the three of us, which I hope will lead to clearing up any misunderstandings or tension that might arise. I do much better when things are calm and relaxed.


  1. Glad to hear things are going a bit better for you, Judi. A nice weekend out, and progress on settling some touchy issues sure does make for a satisfying inner peace. Hopefully things will continue to fall into place. Blessings!

    Kristen (soulsoprano)

  2. Judi-
    Keep up the positive attitude. Dealing with insurance companies re: medication is an ordeal. I empathize with you. Just keep smiling through the phone calls and the red tape!

    julie c.