Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting ready to leave

After accomplishing almost nothing yesterday, I feel much more energetic today, so I have been working today at getting packed and organized. I suddenly remembered yesterday evening that each airline needs a signed form from the doctor regarding my oxygen (which we both knew about last week, but then forgot), so today Marty took the forms to Dr. Meyer's office, and I called the airlines regarding the other problems, which I hope are now not going to be problems.

We have arranged a ride to the airport on this end, but I forgot about needing a ride at the other end, so I've put in a call and sent e-mail about that. I had asked the guy from the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, which is organizing this year's conference, to make sure we didn't have to be on any really early flights, so we are not leaving Boston until 1 P.M., and our flight home leaves at 4 P.M. This morning we both slept until after nine--amazingly late--so I think tomorrow we will need to get up with the alarm, as there is some stuff that can't be packed till the morning (like my nebulizer, and both of our "elephants" (which is what we call our bi-pap machines, because of the hose that looks like an elephant's trunk).

I've talked with someone at the Omaha hospice, and they sound very enthusiastic about my coming there. So now I just have to hope that everything goes smoothly with the flights, my scooter, making the connection, and all the details of flying. Fortunately, I'm feeling very strong today, and hope that things will be as good or better tomorrow. Unfortunately, Marty isn't feeling well--last night when we were getting ready to go to bed he started feeling very weak and out of it, and even after a night's sleep he is still not feeling great. It's a little scary for me (and I'm sure for him, too), but I hope he'll be feeling up to traveling tomorrow.

Another amazing thing that happened is that I got an e-mail from someone who works for an organization in Washington that lobbies for hospice and palliative care issues, who came across my blog and wants me to help them lobby against proposed cuts in Medicare hospice programs. It's the exact same issue as in mental health--cut community programs that save money and improve quality of life, even though it will end up costing more down the line. I e-mailed her right back and also left a phone message, and am looking forward to finding out more.

I got a call this afternoon from Lauren Spiro, who is the staff person for our organization with the mouthful of a name--the National Coalition of Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Organizations (www.NCMHCSO.org), reminding me that I will be receiving the first "Judi Chamberlin Joy in Advocacy" award at their meeting on Thursday evening. She was so excited that I will be there and was hoping I could receive it in person, and I told her I would if I had the energy, which I can never predict in advance. It's being held at a nearby hotel but she said there is a walkway connecting the two, so it won't be a problem with my scooter, as long as I'm not too tired.

There's still a lot I need to do, so I'd better end here.


  1. Hi Judi,
    Hope the trip goes very well.
    Happy landings.

  2. Judi, I sure hope Marty is feeling better by tomorrow. Sleep well tonight, and I will send positive thoughts your way.

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