Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleep at last

We got in bed last night at around eleven thirty. I told Marty I was feeling somewhat agitated, so he suggested that I use the haldol gel, and I rubbed a bit of it on my arm. That's really all I remember until waking this morning at twenty after eight--a deep, sound sleep, and I've dropped off for a couple of naps since then.

Not surprisingly, I feel much calmer today. Lack of sleep really affects moods, and makes everything more difficult. I'm still coughing a lot, although not as much as yesterday, which really tires me out, and has also given me the beginning of an umbilical hernia. Louise suggested I clutch a pillow firmly against my belly when I cough, to give the muscles some support.

We've been eating variants on our Thanksgiving dinner all weekend, and it continues to be just as yummy as it was on Thursday. Last night I was having a plate of all the goodies, sitting in the living room wearing my warm robe, and in the middle of dinner I suddenly got really hot. I needed to take off my robe and even then it took me awhile to cool off. I've also had a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich for lunch twice, and may do the same today (It's about four o'clock but I'm just beginning to get hungry).

Marty is out taking Donna home--Ann was here until Nancie arrived, and Ann may come back if Marty is delayed getting home.

I'm definitely feeling better than yesterday and I attribute most of it to finally getting some sleep.


  1. Judi,

    You are an inspiration. Although things sound hard much of the time, you are giving us a gift by sharing. Thank you

  2. Hi Judi,
    Sleep is very important glad you got some.