Sunday, November 22, 2009

Never did make it out today

Maybe because I slept so poorly last night, I spent a lot of today in a semi-stupor, drifting in and out of sleep. I was trying to watch the Giants game (fortunately, they broke their four game losing streak), but even that was an effort. It was pretty clear that I just wasn't up to going out. At one point, I suggested that we go out for dinner, but I was still pretty non-functional, so that didn't happen either

I'm sleepy again now, so maybe I'll be able to sleep when I'm supposed to, at night and in bed.

After football, I was watching "60 Minutes" and they did a pretty good story on end of life care, talking about how difficult it is to raise these questions with patients, doctors, and families, and that therefore people end up getting treatments that don't benefit them and just prolongs the dying process, and meanwhile costs a lot of money. Rather than saying to myself that I should write to them, I immediately got out the computer and sent an e-mail supporting their main points and describing my situation. "60 Minutes" has run some pretty horrible mental health stories over the years, but that's no reason not to approach them on a story that they might be able to get right.

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  1. Is your blog only about you whining???