Friday, November 13, 2009

Trying to go to a meeting

Reading my e-mail the other day, I discovered that a meeting of a board I sit on, Human Services Research Institute (, was meeting today in Cambridge. I had gotten an earlier notification, but had forgotten (I have a memory like a sieve these days because of all the drugs). I called the logistics person, who had already made a hotel reservation for Marty and me, and started figuring out with Marty the logistics of getting us there. He had to go to help Donna with some problems on Thursday morning, but he was sure he'd be back in time to load up the car and drive us to the hotel for the pre-meeting dinner.

Ann was here and helped me get packed and dressed, but then Marty called and said he was stuck in traffic and definitely would not get back in time. He suggested I call the hotel to ask if they had a wheelchair, which it turned out they did, so Ann drove me to the hotel and a very nice hotel person helped me into the wheelchair and brought me up to the room, where I rested until it was time to go down to the restaurant for dinner. I called the front desk and someone came immediately and brought me downstairs (it was really a pleasure to get such excellent, friendly service). There was some wine and cheese before dinner, and good conversation, with people expressing appreciation that I had come. Then we moved into the restaurant proper for dinner, and Marty arrived just as people were beginning to get their food. I had a delicious steak, served with wonderfully seasoned sauteed mushrooms, but was very tired and couldn't eat that much, although I did polish off the chocolate cake that was served for dessert.

The oxygen company had delivered a concentrator (when I arrived the guy at the front desk said that it had just been delivered and put in my room), so I had a good night's sleep, but woke up still feeling tired. The room had a wonderful roll-in shower which I really wanted to take advantage of, but just didn't have the energy. Marty helped me get dressed and we went down for the pre-meeting breakfast, which I just picked at, and only about an hour into the meeting I announced that I was too tired to continue. I called Marty, who had gotten an extended checkout till 3 P.M., so he took me back to the room and I promptly fell asleep for several hours. When I woke up Marty finished packing and we came home, and I've been resting ever since. I feel so discouraged that I didn't have the energy to do something that uses my intellect and takes my mind off being so sick. Right now I don't want to do anything except rest and sleep.

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