Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Very weak again

The day started out with me feeling very short of breath again. I did a nebulizer treatment pretty early, but it didn't help, and later I got into a big coughing fit, which hasn't happened in awhile. I also woke up too early, so was very sleepy, and I think at some point in the mid-morning I napped for awhile.

I've taken ativan, morphine, and the haldol gel, so at least I am feeling pleasantly doped up, which is far superior to feeling agitated (not nearly as agitated as a few days ago, but still very unpleasant). I'm hoping to fall asleep again.

I'm so glad I had a shower yesterday. I just have to seize those moments when I feel up to doing something (taking a shower, getting out of the house, or whatever)--there's no point in making plans for "tomorrow," because I never have any idea what tomorrow may bring.

It would be great if I feel strong enough tomorrow to enjoy lunch with Dorothy and Laura, but I will just take each thing as it comes. Whatever happens, we'll have a good visit with lots of love going around.

Plans are also underway for David Oaks, who will be in Boston at the beginning of October. Dan is hosting a small dinner party at his house, to which Marty and I are invited, but if I'm not feeling strong enough to go out it will be moved here instead.

I have so many wonderful friends, and it's so good when people tell me what a difference I have made in their life.

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  1. Hi Judi,
    Hope you are feeling stronger tomorrow and have a good day.
    Thinking about you lots.
    ps I think you have made the difference in lots of peoples lives.