Saturday, September 12, 2009

So many weird feelings

Yesterday was an awful day. It wasn't pain, it was an inexplicable feeling that something I couldn't explain was wrong. I wanted Marty to stay close to me, which he did, and eventually I started feeling a little better. When Nancie arrived I didn't feel even up to a sponge bath, but eventually I started feeling a little better and she did wash me in bed a little, which was refreshing.

I have a new volunteer, Mindy, who came for her first visit yesterday. I was really sorry that Caren left (I had a card from her today saying that her work schedule had gotten really crazy). I think she is the only one who can figure out how to get the information back onto my Palm Pilot (it is on a CD that Jim tried playing around with, but he couldn't get the information to sync). I think I will ask Howie if he can figure it out, or we could try the Computer Cafe (they're the ones who put it on the CD in the first place.

Mindy is a critical care nurse, and she said she wanted to see what the "other side" was like--people who stay at home and get comfort care, rather than intense medical interventions. We had an interesting talk about how important it is to respect people's wishes, whether they are for more or less intervention.

Today I've been having strange, stabbing pains in my temples, lasting only a few seconds, but very intense. I called Lauren, who said she had no idea what was going on (I didn't expect her to--my whole medical history has been symptoms that don't fit patterns and can't be explained). But, tired as I am, we're going to try to go out tomorrow--even if it makes me exhausted, it's better than just staying home. There's a jazz festival in Plymouth and the weather is supposed to be good (it's been raining all day today).

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