Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tired in body, tired in mind

Things are a little better today than yesterday, and yesterday was slightly better than the day before, so I guess the trend is upward, but so slowly and slightly it's hard to see. Nancie was here yesterday, but I felt too tired for a shower, so she gave me a sponge bath, which was refreshing, although certainly not as good as a shower. If I feel like this tomorrow, I should be able to take a shower.

Meanwhile, my book light turned up (it was under the bed), and I ordered some new microwave popcorn poppers, similar to the ones that I had before whose lids apparently got thrown away (they're not identical, but I think should work equally well).

I'm having terrible trouble remembering things, which might be, at least in part, because of the morphine. I'm trying to make sure that things get written down, because I will just forget things people tell me. I'm also having trouble remembering words, which is a big problem for me as a writer and a wordsmith. I find myself saying things like "the thing that goes on the thing..." which is very frustrating.

Last night Marty and I watched Obama's speech to Congress on health care reform, which was better than I had hoped for but not as good as I would have wanted. He did use the word "lie" to refer to the awful things Republicans have been saying (like "death panels"), and he did endorse the public option, although rather tepidly. And he continues to call for bi-partisanship, which I think is a lost cause. A congressman from South Carolina yelled out "You lie" when he said that the bill didn't cover illegal immigrants, which has proved very embarrassing for the Republicans. What happens in the next few days will be crucial, as we will have to see where Obama is going to dig in and not "compromise" away anything further.

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  1. I know the feeling of having trouble retrieving words that I know. I just try to talk around them (stove is cooker, for example) or point. Concepts are hard to talk around, and that is extremely frustrating. I know it's the gabapentin and some other meds doing it to me. I'm trying some non-drug methods to see if I can cut down on the "brain-foggers".