Saturday, August 29, 2009

I don't know why I'm so tired

For the last few weeks, I've been taking my blood pressure and oxygen saturation level every morning (which is transmitted over a phone line to one of the hospice nurses). My oxygen sat is usually in the 96-98 range, but this morning it was an alarming 89. I took it again and it was 93, better, but still low. I called and talked to Louise, who was on call, and a little while later another nurse (who I guess was checking the results I had transmitted) called--neither of them seemed particularly alarmed, so I guess it is all right. But I have been feeling very low energy and sleepy all day.

Meanwhile, Marty decided yesterday to go pick up Donna and bring her back here so they could do some more organizing around the house. On the way back, they first ran into heavy traffic because of the Ted Kennedy memorial that was taking place at the Kennedy library (which I was interested to note was being called a Celebration of Life, just like mine), and then started having car trouble, so it took them quite awhile to get back here. This morning, Marty was able to start the car, but it is still acting erratically, so he is planning to take it to the mechanic on Monday. I think we will be able to borrow one of Julie and Jim's cars if we want to go out to dinner later, and for Marty to be able to take Donna home tomorrow.

Today they are going through all kinds of stuff that has accumulated and trying to figure out what needs to be organized and what can just be thrown out. As is typical with such projects, right now it is creating a bigger mess, but the ultimate outcome should be that a lot of miscellaneous junk will get thrown out, and things that can be given away or donated will find new homes. Some months ago, I arranged that all my furniture and household goods (minus anything that particular people may want for themselves) will be donated to an organization that helps families who have been homeless and are setting up households.

Although I'm still feeling very low energy, I think we will try to go out to dinner, which should give me an emotional lift. It is another dreary day, with a hurricane off the coast. It was raining quite hard last night and has been raining intermittently all day. There has not been much sun all summer!

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