Monday, August 3, 2009

A bad day, then a better one

Yesterday I was so exhausted that I never really woke up until about two in the afternoon--I would be awake for awhile, and then drift off to sleep again. It was all because of these coughing fits, which are set off by exertion (sometimes just a tiny thing, such as sitting up) and make me feel like I am choking. It's a very different cough from the deep chest cough--this comes from much higher up in the chest and is like a spasm. Once it gets started it's very hard to stop, and it leaves me gasping for breath. I guess that's why I kept falling asleep.

I was on the phone with Lauren several times who has fiddled with my medicines trying to find some way to stop the coughing, and I think by this afternoon I am definitely coughing a lot less. In fact, by about three this afternoon I realized I was feeling markedly better. Part of it is probably the medicine, and another part is the treatment I got from Barbara in the early afternoon--whatever it is that she does it leaves me feeling very relaxed, and really mitigated the exhaustion I've been feeling.

Laurel was here a good part of the day, and she and Julie took a look at the stuff that I got from the caterer at Boston University, and started putting together various proposed menus at different price points. I knew the food at B.U. is expensive, but it's also good, and I want the event to be really nice. On the other hand, since it's an afternoon gathering, there really doesn't have to be a lot of food--I can't imagine people will be wanting a full meal at that hour.

Julie, Jim, and the kids got back from Texas late in the evening yesterday--Viv and Evelyn came down to ask if I was asleep (I wasn't) and they each gave me a big hug. This morning Julie and Jim took Evelyn up to camp in Maine for two weeks.

Right now I feel stronger than I've felt for several days, although the long-range trend is that I'm gradually growing weaker. But it definitely feels good to feel strong enough to walk to the bathroom without feeling like I've taken a major hike.

Lauren called this morning and said she has found an aide, Nancy, who is not allergic to cats, and who will come every Wednesday afternoon to bathe me. She said that the frequency could be increased if I need it more often. I'm not sure if I want to try taking a shower, with assistance, or whether it's better to be bathed in bed. And one way or another, I definitely need my hair washed.

Also, the vet, Dr. Leavy called, and wants to talk with Marty about managing Gilbert's heart disease. Since Marty will eventually be the person responsible for the cats, it makes sense for him to deal with her directly, rather than relaying messages through me. Right now, when I'm feeling a little stronger, I feel like my mind is working again, but this morning I felt confused and unable to think clearly.

This morning when Marty was getting me my breakfast I said I'd give anything if I never needed to have breakfast in bed ever again!

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  1. I hope someone manages to find you a portable plastic bed sink for the hair washing. I know that means a lot to you and for your comfort. Best is you can just lie there and let someone else do the work. It is quite soothing too.