Friday, August 14, 2009

Good things

A number of good things have been happening the last few days. I had a good, sound night's sleep on Wednesday night (although last night's wasn't as good). I had a shower on Wednesday and my pedicure on Thursday. And although I was feeling quite weak yesterday, knocked out after every little effort, today I felt much stronger and better.

Yesterday Tim, my volunteer, was here for a few hours while Marty went out to do some errands. When he was on his way home, he called and said there was a beautiful rainbow that he thought would be visible from the living room windows, but when I couldn't see it, Tim and I went out to the front steps. At first we were looking in the wrong direction, but suddenly Tim said to look the other way and there it was. Seeing a rainbow is always such a wonderful experience, and we stared at this one for several minutes as it seemed to flicker--a light show in the sky.

Earlier, it was Judy (rather than Laurel) who took me for my pedicure, which was delightful. It was in a new salon that has opened only a few blocks away, run by a lovely woman from Brazil, while another Brazilian woman was the one who took care of me. It was so nice to soak my feet in warm, swirling water, and then to have my feet and toenails groomed, ending with a foot massage and then some bright pink/purple nail polish. I love the way they look, and it makes me feel so pampered.

This morning started out really well--Marty brought in the newspapers, and on the front page of the Boston Globe was a story about the outrageous claims by opponents of health care reforms about "death panels." I got really fired up, turned on the computer, and composed a letter to the editor. Getting my brain working and the endorphins flowing I think contributed to my good feelings and positive energy that has lasted all day.

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